Installation on Linux

Install Nightly Builds (Recommended)

Install Bazaar version control system (follow this link) and python-migrate package, then copy a local branch for yourself from using the following command.

bzr branch lp:amir

In this way, you do not need to install the code, just run Amir from the bin folder.


Ubunutu installation using a personal repository

Ubuntu 9.10 or higher can use personal repositories and you can install Amir using the Pakage Manager

you can use this command to add amir to your repository

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hadi60/jooyeshgar

If you use the older version, you can manually add repository to your repository list

For more information, see


Install from Archlinux AUR

You can use AUR to install Amir in Archlinux. Here is the link to AUR PKGBUILD of Amir,

Package Installation Using .deb File

To install the latest version of the package you can download it from Lanchpad and install it.

To resolve dependencies

Amir depends on the following packages that must be installed before using Amir.

Installation on Windows

Download Windows installation file and run it.

For installing on Windows 7 installer and executable file should be run with Administrator privileges.

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